Barrier Float

Infinitely adaptable floating barrier system

The Barrier Float is an innovative and adaptable floating barrier that provides visibility, protection and separation for any required span of water. The Barrier Float has been designed specifically to alert, delineate and protect any person, craft, waterway or infrastructure from potential and/or unwarranted risk, interference, trespass, collision, hazard, danger or otherwise.

They can be utilised in any length or distance over water and can be permanently anchored or installed in a monitor-free way to take care of all changes in tide, weather and water levels. Our Barrier Float system has been designed to separate and protect all manor of people, boats, infrastructure, run-off, debris and environments from each other.

Never be caught out again.

Barrier Float

Adaptable, multi-use floating barrier solution

Barrier Floats sit on the surface of the water anchored at each end to either a fixed point or a floating, all-tide mooring such as a Marinaquip Pile Ring. The mooring chain or rope is inserted in the central recess for the full length of the floating barrier. Two Urethane “Dog-Bone” connectors join one complete Barrier Float (made, in turn, of two floating halves) to the next. They allow the whole system to flex in all directions simultaneously with any wind, waves and wakes.

Barrier Float Gallery

Take a peek at the Barrier Float in use

Barrier Float has been designed for use in a wide variety of scenarios:

marinas, rivers, canals, lakes, hydro-electric dams, reservoirs, etc.

Product Specifications

Features & Benefits

Marinaquip Barrier Floats provide significant benefits over other solutions 

All-Tide Barrier

Protection at all states of tide and water level regardless of location

Superior flexibility

Urethane connectors allow 360 degree flexibility with wave action and movement

highly adaptable & customisable

Install in single/multiple lines, walkways or pontoons. Recess allows for multi connectivity

Safer Docking

Facilitates far easier dock entry or exit manoeuvres and risk of collision with boat in next slip

Eco Friendly

Environmentally friendly manufacturing process using recyclable materials

High Quality

Manufactured in New Zealand from high grade materials to ISO 9001


2-piece floatation device for reserve buoyancy. Closed cell PU foam filling when specified

Add anything above or below

Designed to accommodate skirting, curtains, netting, signage, lights, anchoring, etc.

Space Saving

Barrier Floats have nesting ribs for better handling, storage and shipping costs

Long life

5 years with a practical life of 10+ years (subject to fair wear and tear) *please see terms & conditions for full details

Corrosion Free

Product and parts are entirely made from non-corrosive materials and 316SS fasteners

easy installation

Simple to install, maintain and replace without disconnecting whole boom for access

All Weather Performance

UV stable and weather proof in the harshest of conditions 24/7 and 365 days

Huge Savings

Reduced purchase and maintenance costs compared to other available products

Long Lasting

Incredibly hard wearing & resistant to all forms of marine growth and algae

Barrier Float FAQ's

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Barrier Float is a floating barrier device which sits on the surface of the water between two fixed or floating anchor points of any distance apart. It acts as a high visibility warning, delineator or protective barrier between two sections of water.

 Barrier Floats assist with segregation and protection issues on the water in a way no other products have before. delineators and floating barriers have been around for some time, however most are simply ordinary floats strung together in a line and really only provide a visual warning. Others have tried to allow for a bigger and stronger physical presence but generally are not designed for flexible functionality or adaptability to suit individual and site-specific requirements. Barrier Floats from Marinaquip have been engineered for an infinite number of configurations and barrier designs which include, as the norm, the ability to bolt on any additional equipment above and below. Barrier Floats can also be used side by side, one above the other, or both to form larger Floating Barriers, walkways, pontoons, etc.

Barrier Floats have been designed for a multitude of scenarios:


  • Debris booms and collection for silt, logs, branches, pollution, weed etc.
  • Boat and public protection for rivers/dams/hydro-electric power stations etc.
  • Separation/segregation/deliniation on the water of one area from another
  • Safety barrier between boats and marine craft in marinas
  • Protection for marine wildlife, fish farming, control and aquaculture areas etc.
  • Sea wall protection for boats and marine craft in marinas/harbours/ports, etc.

This all depends on the site-specific requirements of the proposed floating barrier or delineator.

The carefully engineered design of the Barrier Floats from Marinaquip allow for an infinite number of customised installations. This may be a short barrier used in a marina between slips to protect manoeuvring boats from each other or it could be a very long and highly visible barrier placed in front of the spillway of a hydro-electric dam to warn and protect the public from the dangers of the spillway. It could be used to protect an area of water from floating and submerged debris with the use of curtains or nets or it could be utilised to restrict access or segregate a commercial or military operation from intrusion.

The uses and installation flexibility are never ending!

The design of the Barrier Float allows for anchoring attachments to be fitted directly on to the floats or for the central chain or rope to be used not only for strength and integrity but also for easily anchoring the boom at numerous strategic points either to the waterway floor or to other floating or rigid infrastructure. 

Barrier Floats are rotationally moulded from high-quality virgin polyethylene (plastic) which is super strong and tough and almost indestructible. Two moulded floats are used to make up one complete Barrier Float and two “Dog-Bone” connectors made from high grade Urethane are supplied for use with each. HDPE spacers and “wear discs” are also supplied with each complete float. As are eight sets of 316 Stainless Steel M10 x 90mm nuts, bolts and washers.

Barrier Floats will sustain an incredible amount of use and abuse including collision by and from boats, watercraft, debris, logs etc. We cannot, however, guarantee that penetration and/or puncturing will not occur, nor wearing through of the Polyethylene skin of the float due to us having no control over the conditions of use. 

The actual/overall strength of any Barrier Float installation will be down to the strength and integrity of your central rope, chain, line or anchoring points and not the floats themselves.

Our Barrier Floats are made from high quality, high grade materials and under normal usage and circumstances they should easily be lasting over ten years. Studies in New Zealand have shown many Polyethylene marine products to have lasted fifteen to twenty years plus. Please see our warranty terms and conditions for further information.

Barrier Floats themselves do not require any maintenance, however, due to the localised nature and veracity of marine biofouling in your area it may be necessary to clean the Barrier Float from time to time. Our high quality polyethylene is impenetrable to marine biofouling and does not require any anti-fouling treatment, however, slime, weed, barnacles, mussels, oysters, etc. can attach themselves over time as with any other submerged surface. It is suggested that you inspect your Barrier Floats regularly to check for marine growth. If the growth is heavy it will need scraping, cleaning, or water blasting to maintain the correct buoyancy, floatation and of course appearance. Your choice of rope, chain or other central long line and anchor material (together with any additional parts used) will come with their own maintenance requirements.

Customers comments

What they Say

“Our purpose for the rings was to provide added value for our slip holders as an additional amenity, as well as to protect our investment in our dock systems. During storms and tidal surges, invariably, huge strains come on the piling lines as they are not adjusted. The owners often cannot get to the marina in time to fix the situation and our staff often have to take corrective action before a line parts and docks and boats get damaged. So it also provides security for the boat owner and the marina.”

US Navy Sailing Ctr, VA

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