About Marinaquip

Smart Thinking

It all starts with a need for improvement.

All our products have been designed specifically to overcome practical issues and problems experienced by marina operators and boat owners, and where incumbent solutions now fall short.

Clever Design

Thinking differently and focusing on innovation

Our goal is not to simply bring out yet another version of an existing product. Instead we aim to provide improvements, developments and enhancements by revisiting the drawing board with a modern perspective. Unless we can provide genuine and practical benefits, we do not proceed.

Advanced Materials

Customised materials to solve specific problems

Many existing solutions use what is available from other industries with the invariable consequence of significant compromise in performance for the marine industry. Working closely with specialists, chemists and raw material suppliers allows us to formulate new grades and compounds to make improvements when and where necessary.

Manufacturing Methods

Multi-discipline production capabilities

Marinaquip employs a diverse range of manufacturing techniques, methods and capabilities.

This encompasses high quality stainless steel fabrication and a range of rotational, compression, spin and extrusion forming and moulding.

Fresh Thinking

Not much has changed in the day to day functioning of marinas over the years. Basic needs are made up of fixed and floating apparatus and equipment designed to accomodate and protect boats and infrastructure.

To contrast that, there have been lots of changes and developments in material science. Modern materials are constantly improving in their strength, longevity, marine growth resistance, design characteristics, practicality, ergonomics, and competitive cost.

Marinaquip are a specialist company focused on delivering fresh ideas, creative designs and genuine solutions in a very traditional market.

We strive to take traditional and/or existing products and redesign them to improve form and function and to take advantage of the benefits of technological advances in material science.

In many cases we have been approached directly by Marina Operators and Builders and asked if we can develop a solution to a particular problem or make improvements to an existing product. The developments and outcomes of these requests are demonstrated on this website with more currently in the pipeline.

We welcome all enquiries from marina designers, builders and operators and look forward to assisting you with your next project.

Marinaquip FAQs

Marinaquip is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Marinaquip manufactures most of our products in New Zealand however we have recently begun manufacturing some of our products in the USA.

N.B. All products remain available worldwide. Please enquire for further details.

Marinaquip supplies products worldwide.

Marinaquip supplies product direct to marinas, municipals, commercial entities and boat owners worldwide.

Yes. We welcome all enquiries from marina designers, builders and operators and look forward to assisting you with your next project.