Innovative marina equipment

Design & Manufacture

Modern Docking & Berthing Solutions

protecting marina infrastructure and boats

Marinaquip is specialist company focused on delivering fresh ideas, creative designs and genuine solutions in a very traditional market. We strive to take traditional and/or existing products and redesign them to improve form and function and to take advantage of the benefits of technological advances in material science.

Smart Thinking

It starts with the idea to improve a current product or solve a problem

Clever Design

Our in-house designers work to develop the best product design solution

Advanced Materials

Introducing materials from other industries or designing from scratch when needed

Modern Production

Employing knowledge of material performance and new manufacturing techniques

Innovative Products

making mooring easier and safer

Pile Rings

Revolutionary, Safe and Secure, All-Tide Mooring Solution

Marinaquip Pile Rings have been designed specifically to overcome tidal mooring problems experienced by marina operators and boat owners alike. It provides a superior, all-tide, all-waterway solution for monitor-free mooring of boats and watercraft (tight lines). 

Protecting boats and marinas

Docking Wheels

A rolling “dock bumper” to assist with safe and smooth docking manoeuvres

Marinaquip Docking Wheels provide superior strength and cushioning and are designed to offer practical assistance with docking and manoeuvring in tricky conditions whilst simultaneously protecting both your boat and your dock from each other.

superior fendering solution

Marina Fenders

An attractive range of bumpers to protect boats, docks and pontoons

Marinaquip Marina Fenders are constructed from high grade Polyurethane foam and perform in all conditions to protect your boat from unavoidable contact alongside. They’re designed to enhance the appearance of your docks and pontoons and to accommodate your prized possessions in the style they deserve.

Customers Worldwide

thousands in use in marinas spanning the globe

Although only a relatively young company Marinaquip has already established good working relationships globally. Customers range from small yacht and private boat marinas to the largest marinas in the world. Our products are already well proven and in many cases have been the catalyst to upgrading existing equipment.





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Marinaquip supplies product direct to marinas, municipals, commercial entities and boat owners., We also have a number of international partners and resellers. All enquiries are welcome and we will be pleased to assist with your next project.

For assistance or additional information please contact us or use the form below.

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Marinaquip: Delivering fresh ideas, creative designs and genuine solutions for marina operators, marina builders and boat owners.


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